Where to find kosher bread products and their brands

  • Guide for Kosher bread

    This list outlines the different breads that are kosher and where they can be bought.

    The list will be maintained and products added as they are discovered.

Please note the list is meant as a guide only. Please check the packaging to ensure that it has an appropriate kosher symbol.


Local caterers and food providers


These caterers and food providers are also good sources for kosher bread and baked goods:


A Dashing Pinch -



Creative Kosher Catering

Farm Boy

Hanna's Bakery Pita Perfect

Produce Depot

Strawberry Blonde Bakery

The Ottawa Bagel Shop

Various packaged Kosher foods are available in major grocery stores. Such as Metro, Farm Boy, Loblaws, Sobey's, IGA, Super C, and Adonis.